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April 2023 / March 2024

Cities to visit: Prague; Pilsen; Rothenburg; Frankfurt; Rhine Cruise; Cologne; Amsterdam; Brussels; Bruges; Paris; Semur-En-Auxois; Beaune, Burgundy; Lyon, Ródano Alpes; Geneva; Milan; Venice, Véneto; Florence; Siena, Tuscany; Assisi; Rome

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

TRANSFER from the airport, if you have it included or purchasing. Our transfer will be waiting for you with a poster on behalf of Europamundo or its name to the output of the custom (after collecting your luggage)..

Remember to inform us by phone if you lost your connection flight or expected delay of their arrival, in your VOUCHER figure the phone of the transfer.

IMPORTANT: If you had additional nights upon arrival the hotel will have your reservation, but his travel guide normally will not be until the night before the start of the tour.

Today’s Highlights: Transfer to the Old Town Square.
IMPORTANT - IF YOU REQUESTED ADDITIONAL NIGHTS on arrival at the hotel you will have your booking made but the guide of your trip will normally not arrive until the start of the included activities. YOUR TIME BEFORE THIS MOMENT IS THEREFORE FREE. At your hotel they can help you with all the information you need.
NB: The schedules you will find in this itinerary are approximate. The guide, depending on the situation and in order to improve the development of the circuit, may adjust the schedules.
Welcome to Prague! At your airport of arrival, we shall be waiting with transport to take you to your hotel . Free time. You will receive information about the start of the circuit during the afternoon, or you can check the informative panels in the hotel reception area.
18.00 hrs- At sunset, we provide transport to take you to the Old Town Square . This central location is full of energy and touristic activities. It’s a marvelous place to acquaint ourselves with Prague. Several restaurants offering cuisines from around the world will be waiting to delight your taste buds, including Czech, Chinese, Indian and Italian. Return to hotel.
Today’s highlights: c ity tour of Prague. Visit to Castle. Boat tour along the river Vltava. Evening transfer.
Note: We recommend you wear comfortable shoes during the walking tour.
07.45 h. Comprehensive tour . Lasting three hours and a half The tour starts off from the “ Caste l Quarter” ( admission included) , the political, religious and monumental centre of the capital, and the cathedral, the palaces and viewpoints over the “city of the 100 towers” and explains the history of the country. We then continue our walk through the “Small City” or “Malastrana Quarter”, the city’s Baroque jewel, to the famous “Charles Bridge”.
The city tour is followed by a monumental cruise on the river Vltava.
Free afternoon to continue exploring the city.
In the evening, we enjoy time in the historic city centre and there will be an opportunity for you to enjoy cuisines from around the world. Return to hotel.
Total Distance: 555 Km.
Scenery: Forests and hills of the Czech Republic. Pleasant landscapes of Germany.
07.30 hrs.- Prague -departure.
09.00 hrs. Pilsen - Arrival-. We will have some time to visit this city located in the region of Western Bohemia which is renowned for its beers. Time for a walk through its historic center where we find the Great Square, the cathedral, the Plague Column and a Renaissance-era town hall or to sit at one of its many breweries.
10.00 hrs- Pilsen. Departure. We will travel to Germany to explore a section of the "Romantic Road".
13.30 hrs- Rothenburg - Arrival in this fairytale-like city, considered one of the most beautiful towns in the country - Time to have a stroll through its medieval old town and to have lunch.
15.30 hrs- Rothenburg, departure.
18.00 hrs - Frankfurt -Arrival-. This is considered the financial capital of not only Germany but, also, the EU. Free time in the historic city center where there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from (from Indian cuisine to Oriental, Italian, international and so on). Transfer to the hotel.
Total distance: 480km by road and 30 additional by boat.
Scenery: Fertile and picturesque Rhine basin ,
Note: Bring some warm clothing to enjoy the deck on the boat!
08.00 hrs.- Frankfurt –Departure-.
09.15 hrs.- Rudesheim –Arrival -. A stroll through this very picturesque village near the Rhine known for all its taverns. We embark on a cruise that last about an hour and forty-five minutes. We discover what it is considered the most beautiful area of the Rhine Valley, drawing medieval villages, castles, vineyards, hills, small churches. Expected departure of the cruise at 10.15 (schedule can be modified)
11.55 hrs.- St. Goar – Arrival and continuation of our route
14.00 hrs.- Cologne – Free time to have lunch and to stroll through the city center with its huge Gothic cathedral and its elegant bridges over the Rhine.
16.30 hrs.- Cologne –Departure for Amsterdam through great planes.
20.15 hrs.- Amsterdam –Arrival-.
Total distance: 75 km Landscapes: Beautiful dutch landscapes with small houses, canals and mills, Boat trip on the Jsselmeer lake to Marken. City tour of Amsterdam-.
08.00 hrs.- Amsterdam –Departure-.
08.45 hrs.- Zaanse Schans . Arrival to this open-air park of iconic traditional windmills typical from the Dutch landscape, that together with its warehouses and workshops show us what life was like in the 18th century. Time to take some photos of their mills and their typical houses.
09.45 hrs.- Zaanse Schans. Departure.
10.15 hrs- Volendam – Arrival to this very picturesque fishing village. Time to walk.
11.15 hrs.- Volendam –departure-. From Volendam, on a s hort boat trip on the Jsselmeer lake we will go to Marken.
12.00 hrs.- MARKEN- arrival to this island that was united to the mainland by a fixed dike, their houses were built on stilts. Time for a stroll.
12.45 hrs.- Marken departure. Return to Amsterdam.
13.30 hrs.- Amsterdam – Arrival and time to have lunch in the centre before starting a comprehensive tour with a local guide , lasting for two hours. Coach trip that passes through Dam Square with the Town Hall and Royal Palace, the canals and their marvellous bridges, the river Amstel and the floating houses.
The tour ends in the Museum Quarter, in one of the famous workshops where we will see a diamond-cutting exhibition.

18:30 h. Transfer to the Red Light District, with its liberal values and its many restaurants from all corners of the world. It is very likely that you have heard about this neighborhood. Free time to find somewhere to dine. Return to hotel about 22 hrs.
Total distance: 615 km.

Scenery : Great cultivated plains. Highly populated cities en route.
07.30 hrs.- Amsterdam –We leave for Belgium.
10.00 hrs.- Brussels arrival. We will have time to walk around the Grande Place and take a stop to photograph the emblematic monument Atomium.
12.15 hrs.- Brussels –departure-.
13.45 hrs.- Bruges –Arrival and free time to stroll through this wonderful Flemish city of canals.
16.30 hrs- We leave Bruges to the French border.
20.45 hrs- Paris- arrival.
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Transfer to Versailles Palace. Funicular ride included to Montmartre district. City tour in Paris.
Early in the morning, we will leave for Versailles, the immense palace of the kings of France (entrance not included). After that, we will return to Paris at lunch time where we provide a transfer to the Montmartre dis­trict. We will ascend by funicular to the hill and admire the spectacular view of Paris from the top. This neighbourhood is known for its painters, artists, and its cab­arets… Sit down for lunch and enjoy a magical atmosphere. Then, a scenic guided tour to discover the history, main boulevards and the breathtaking monuments of Paris will take place. Return to hotel. At the end of this busy day, the guide will offer the optional visit to a typical Cabaret or a variety show such as the Moulin Rouge or the Paradis Latin.
Note: Due to the tourism complexity of Paris, the order of services offered in the city may vary.
TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Eiffel Tower and boat cruise in the City of Lights.
We go to the centre of Paris, starting by the Eiffel Tower area. You will have the opportunity to climb up to the second floor of this remarkable metal monument (ticket included) . Then, we enjoy a boat cruise along the River Seine, which divides the north of Paris from the south. Enjoy a free afternoon to explore as you choose.
Total distance: 500 km.

Today’s highlights: Vineyards in Beaune and Bourgogne region.
Landscapes: Pleasant landscapes in the center of France; Picturesque villages. Funicular climb in Lyon.
08.00 hrs.- París –departure-. We travel to the center of France. We cross the region of Bourgogne, an area known for its wines.
11.15 hrs.- Semur en Auxois –Arrival-. A walk and a coffee in this small medieval village surrounded by impressive walls.
12.00 hrs.- Semur –departure-.
13.30 hrs.- Beaune. - Charming small village in the middle of the wine region of Bourgogne; Its streets full of flowers, its hospice, its wine museum. Free time.
15.00 hrs.- Beaune –departure to Lyon-.
17.00 hrs.- Lyon –Arrival-. On the banks of the Rhône River, the third city of France that once was the capital of the Roman Gallia. The historic centre of this lively City has been declared a World Heritage site. We include a funicular climb to Notre Dame de Fourvière where we have a great view of the city. Free time.
In the event that your group is staying in Chambery, a nearby city, we will leave Lyon at 19.30 hrs arriving in Chambery around 21.00 hrs. After breakfast, early on Wednesday, we will have time to take a walk through the beautiful historic center of Chambery.

Distancia total recorrida: 465 km.

Destacamos hoy: cena incluida.
Paisajes: Paisajes de montaña con altas cumbres alpinas nevadas durante todo el año.
Notas: Recuerde llevar ropa de abrigo, los paisajes nevados son frecuentes de noviembre a abril, lleve su cámara a mano, si existe nieve junto a la carretera efectuaremos una breve parada para que la disfrute. . Lleve también a mano su pasaporte; en ocasiones puede ser solicitado entrando en Suiza.
08.00 hrs. - Lyon- Salida – Entrando en zonas montañosas viajamos hacia Suiza.
10.00 hrs.- Ginebra. - Nos encontramos en esta activa ciudad a la orilla del lago Leman, capital de la Suiza de habla francesa. Un tiempo para un paseo por el centro donde destaca su gran lago.
12.00 hrs.- Ginebra –salida-. Paisajes cada vez más hermosos a medida que entramos en la cordillera de los Alpes. Parada en ruta para almorzar en área de servicio. Pasamos a Italia por el túnel bajo el Mont Blanc. Avistaremos glaciares.
17.00 hrs.- Milán –Llegada-. Con nuestro guía iremos a la impresionante Plaza del Duomo. Tiempo para pasear por su centro histórico antes de trasladarnos al hotel ubicado a las afueras del centro histórico de la ciudad. Cena incluida.

Distancia total: 320 km Paisajes del norte de Italia.
08:00 hrs. Milán – Salida. Viaje por la llanura del Poo.
12:45 hrs. Venecia – Llegada a la localidad de Mestre, Puerto de Tronchetto, donde embarcamos en barco privado que nos conducirá por el canal de la Giudeca hasta la Isla de Venezia. Almuerzo incluido. Visita de la plaza de San Marcos con su Básilica, Campanile... conoceremos también una popular fábrica de cristal de Murano donde podremos admirar la técnica del trabajo sobre cristal. Tarde libre a disposición para conocer los rincones de esta ciudad tan especial. Por la tarde su guía le ofrecerá un paseo en góndola opcional.
Regreso en barco al puerto de Tronchetto y traslado al hotel localizado en zona Mestre/Marghera.
Distancia total: 265 km
Paisajes: Atravesamos la cordillera montañosa de los Apeninos.
08.00 hrs.- Venecia –salida-.
11.15 hrs.- Florencia –Llegada-. Paramos para tomar una foto en el mirador de Michelangelo donde podremos tener una de las vistas más bellas sobre la ciudad. Almuerzo incluido. Tras ello incluimos visita con guía loca l de Florencia; una de las ciudades de arte e historia más famosas del mundo, la visita se realiza caminando por las calles del centro histórico. Duración aproximada dos horas.
Tras ello dispondrá de tiempo libre en el cual le sugerimos pasear por el centro artístico de la ciudad; el Ponte Vecchio con sus galerías comerciales; sus plazas señoriales…
Distancia realizada: 390 km.

Paisajes: Muy agradables paisajes de la Toscana y la Umbría; pueblos pintorescos en la ruta; ciudades históricas.
Nota: En la basílica de San Francisco en Asís se solicita vestir con decoro; prevéalo en esta etapa.
08:00 hrs. - Florencia –salida-.
09:15 hrs. - Siena –Llegada-. Tiempo para conocer esta laberíntica ciudad histórica con su plaza en forma de concha y su Duomo.
11:45 hrs. - Siena –salida.
13:30 hrs .- Asís –Llegada-. Almuerzo incluido . Tras ello incluimos una visita a la Basílica de San Francisco, acompañados con padre franciscano o guía local.
16:15 hrs .- Asís –salida
18:45 hrs. Roma – llegada Y traslado a la zona del Esquilino, una de las zonas más típicas de Roma, entre las grandes basílicas y los recintos arqueológicos romanos. Cena incluida. Regreso al hotel.
08.30hrs- Por la mañana le incluimos una visita panorámica con guía local de aproximadamente dos horas y media. Nuestra visita, en autocar, se adapta al rígido sistema de control de autocares turísticos que circulan por Roma establecida por el ayuntamiento de esta ciudad. En la panorámica usted conocerá la Roma antigua, la llamada Roma Imperial con los Foros Imperiales (entrada incluida) , impresionante conjunto arquitectónico formado por edificios y plazas monumentales, centro de la actividad política del momento. Pasaremos por el Arco de Constantino, Teatro Marcelo, colina del Capitolio, Circo Máximo, Iglesia Santa Maria in Cosmedin con la boca de la verdad, Templetes Republicanos, Termas de Caracalla, Muralla Aureliana, Basílica de Santa María la Mayor y San Juan de Letrán, Iglesia de Santa María in Dominica (Navicella), Pirámide Cestia, Puerta de San Paolo, avenida Lungo Tevere con la Sinagoga judía de estilo babilónico, Isla Tiberina, paso frente al Castillo de San Ángel. Nuestro city tour finaliza en la plaza de San Pedro del Vaticano , donde dispondrá de tiempo libre para asistir, si lo desea, a la misa en el Vaticano. Almuerzo incluido.
Resto de la tarde libre.
Hoy tiene el día libre en la ciudad de Roma. Nuestro guía propondrá a los pasajeros interesados una excursión a Nápoles, Pompeya y Capri.
After breakfast, end of our services.

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